Customer Installations & Case Studies

VuWall has more than 5,000 deployments installed in the world’s most prestigious control rooms, crisis rooms, government agencies and collaboration rooms of Fortune 500 companies in over 45 countries. Learn how our customers achieved their video wall project goals.

Madrid Stock Exchange

VuWall raises the stakes at the Madrid Stock Exchange with Advanced Video Wall Management Software

Black Rock Mining

VuWall TRx Central Management System Powers 168 Displays in State-of-the-Art Control Room


VuWall Streamlines 24/7 Operations in Security and Mobility Control Center with Centralized Video Wall Management Solution


VuWall delivers flexible operator video wall control at the Cantonal Police of Glarus Emergency Call Center

Khipu Networks

VuWall improve response times and increase productivity in cyber security operations centre

DESFA – Greece

VuWall Brings Operational Efficiency to Greece’s DESFA SA Control Room

G7 Leadership Summit 2022

VuWall Enables Transformation of Sports Stadium into Police Command Center

Rengineers Netherlands

VuWall Powers 14x2m LED Video Wall in Rengineers Control Room

National Army Command Center

VuWall Powers Army’s Mission-Critical Command Center and Crisis Room



VuWall enables critical data visualisation at Security Operations Centre

Tunisian National Guard Logo

Tunisian National Guard

VuWall powers LED video wall in new state-of-the-art 24/7 control room & crisis room displays for the Ministry of Interior


TRx Increases Productivity in Fresh Produce Logistics & Distribution Facilities in France



VuScape powers crisis room video wall, keeping all eyes on emergencies and facilitating operations during COVID-19.


Merck (MSD)

VuScape powers multiple video walls for corporate training events, conferences, collaboration, visitor navigation, and communications.


Lufthansa Aviation Center

VuScape powers state-of-the-art 24/7 newsroom; an “always-on” environment displaying real-time information with utmost efficiency.

Prince George Logo

Prince George’s County

VuWall selected to help provide homeland security and 911 operations with mission-critical communication technology.

Sydney Rail Logo

Sydney Rail Operations Center

VuScape for monitoring 506 miles of track and displaying rail network content from over 40 sources.



VuScape streamlines national railway operations in new control tower, displaying news, weather, train schedule status, and traffic surveillance.


LG Business Solutions

VuScape powers LG’s latest displays in new showrooms in in Paris, Frankfurt, and Pyeongtaek, South Korea.

Siemens Logo

Siemens Visitor & Advanced Service Centre

VuWall improves efficiency of training facility in Vienna with superior video wall management technology.

Deloitte Cyber Intelligence Centre

VuScape for round-the-clock operational security and demanding 24/7 monitoring requirements.

EnBW Logo


VuScape powers new video wall for 24/7 operations in multi-billion dollar utilities company in Germany, modernizing control room operations.

BIS Econocom


VuScape powers state-of-the-art showroom for corporate workspaces, including several video walls and displays throughout the facility.

Macom LAB


VuScape powers state-of-the-art collaborations rooms and corporate workspaces in Customer Experience Center.

die Mobiliar

VuWall enables unified collaboration in newsroom facility at Switzerland’s largest insurance company.

Radio NRJ Logo

Radio NRJ

VuWall technology in the new flagship studio of Radio NRJ Zurich, used in event monitoring, branding, and information display.

ISAR Klinikum Logo

ISAR Klinikum

VuWall controls massive and versatile digital signage wall for modern hospital in the heart of Munich.

VuWall is proud to be a Preferred Vendor Partner of the PSNI Global Alliance

PSNI Logo V3

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