Unified Control for Network Operations in Utilities

Process and transmit critical data for reliable monitoring to ensure safety and efficiency

As the flow of resources becomes more complex, utility operation centers need to streamline their flow of information. Control room operators are gathering multiple sources to oversee resources, power and utility generation, transmission and distribution. The master control room can be a demanding environment. TRx, our unique centralized platform, empowers operators to interact with multiple sources in various formats and react in real-time without letting technology get in their way

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Situational Awareness

Utilities must manage their data and resources carefully to reduce the risk of costly disruptions to day-to-day operations. This requires gathering data from multiple sources to ensure accurate, usable information and anticipate potential crisis situations.

24/7 Reliability

Operators require clear information in order to make real-time informed decisions on critical issues. Trx is a reliable solution for content management for video wall displays that empower operators with consistent visual information to monitor, assess and respond accordingly.


VuWall’s ecosystem of products can be integrated with existing infrastructure to enable operators to capture and analyze real-time data from multiple inputs in multiple formats and make time-critical decisions with confidence.

User-Friendly Control

TRx enables easy drag and drop operations for users to configure and operate all devices. Our technology eliminates traditional programming to reduce configuration and deployment time in the field.


The VuWall ecosystem of products features robust security to ensure complete data protection. Our products are made secure by design and they undergo rigorous testing to ensure the highest levels of security are provided.


Our solutions are modular, scalable, and interoperable with third party solutions. Customers never have to worry about interoperability with an existing infrastructure nor do they have to worry about adding new equipment as needs evolve.

Use Cases

  • Data Monitoring
    • Analyze and display real-time data for accurate and timely responses and performance monitoring

  • Process Control
    • Operate efficiently and securely to provide continuous, reliable service to customers

  • Utility Management
    • Gather data from sensors, devices, vehicles and other third-party technology

    • Efficiently monitor and control field devices and sensors at remote sites in a central location

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