Touch Panel Control at Your Fingertips

ControlVuTM give operators the freedom to securely change layouts and control devices with a simple touch. Use the web-based control panel designer for fast & easy creation of fully customized panels without the need for any programming.

User Friendly

Change layouts, control devices, runs scripts - without ANY programming

Highly Customizable

Chose your look with any design, logo and images. Run any script or command.


Highly secure, designed for mission-critical environments

Centralized Management

Control and design multiple control panels, devices, and video walls with the  unique and powerful TRx centralized video wall management platform. TRx is the only software platform that combines AV distribution, video wall and KVM management with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface and without any programming. Learn more about TRx.

Control Panel Designer

Create your own customizable control panel quickly & easily without any programming with TRx’s Control Panel Designer. Learn more about the Control Panel Designer.

Secure High-Quality PoE Panel

Highly secure 10” Linux-based OS panel with no camera, no Wi-Fi, and no Bluetooth, designed for the most secure environments.

ControlVu Touch Panel

Improving Operational Efficiency

Operators can change layouts and control devices directly from a PoE tablet right in front of them, with a simple touch, where every button on every panel can be customized to the operators’ needs.


ControlVu Applications

Control Room

Control Rooms

Video Wall Control & KVM

Increasing productivity with powerful, easy to use technology.

Corporate Work Spaces

Corporate Workspaces

Multi-Source Visualization

Bringing efficiency to meeting rooms with productive collaboration.

Experience Centers

Experience Centers

Versatile Display Management

Captivating visitors with unforgettable visual experiences.

Crisis Rooms

Crisis Rooms

Unified Visualization

Making rapid, accurate and informed decisions.

Corporate Signage

Lobby Signage

Content Management & Distribution

Easily manage and distribute content throughout multi-site organizations.

Classrooms and Auditoriums

Classrooms & Auditoriums

Presentation & Collaboration

Engage audiences with captivating visual content.

Complementary Solutions

TRx Video Wall Management and AV Distribution


PAK video wall node





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