IP KVM for Operators and Video Walls

PAK KVM is a TRx feature, driven by PAK video wall & KVM nodes, allowing operators to control IP sources, using keyboard & mouse on their personal station and local displays. PAK KVM is ideal for multi-room visualization, situational awareness, control rooms, and remote operator environments.

A simple solution to enable control room operators with the ultimate KVM experience

All you need to enable your operators with low latency, seamless KVM control is VuWall VuStream 350 IP KVM encoders, the TRx Centralized Management Software and PAK Video Wall & KVM Nodes.

VuStream 350

Secure IP KVM Encoding


Centralized Management
PAK video wall node


Video Wall & KVM Nodes

Control of remote sources with low latency


High security. No Windows updates.


Easy to configure. Easy to install. Easy to manage.

High Performance

Up to 8x 4K or 32x HD decodes per node

Centralized Management

Manage all your PAK video wall and KVM nodes with award-winning TRx software – a single, common platform to manage all your video wall, KVM, and AV distribution ecosystem. Learn more about TRx.

Secure IP KVM Encoding

VuStream 350 IP KVM encoder securely delivers high-quality up to 4K video over standard Gigabit Ethernet at low bitrates and ultra-low latency and can transmit HDMI video and audio, as well as keyboard & mouse on an encrypted AES-256 signal. Learn more about VuStream 350

PAK Video Wall & KVM Nodes

PAK is a compact and cost-effective processing appliance that can work as a standalone unit or can be stitched to each other to build KVM operator stations and IP video walls of any size. Learn more.

Touch Panel Control

Touch Panel Control

Give operators the freedom to change layouts and control devices with a simple touch. Create fully customized panels from TRx’s web-based control panel designer, quickly and easily, without any programming skills. Learn more or Watch Demo

PAK KVM Workflow

PAK Overview Workflow

PAK KVM Applications

Control Room

Control Rooms

Video Wall Control & KVM

Increasing productivity with powerful, easy to use technology.

Crisis Rooms

Crisis Rooms

Unified Visualization

Making rapid, accurate and informed decisions.


Interactive Collaboration

PAK KVM offers low latency for a smooth and seamless experience, allowing operators to control IP sources with their keyboard & mouse and share content with other operators – all with an intuitive easy-to-use platform, enhancing the operator experience and increasing productivity.

Multiview with KVM

Sources from remote PCs can be controlled with keyboard and mouse via IP KVM encoders such as VuStream 350. Those source can then be displayed alongside IP streams from encoders, cameras, or TV channels.

Simplified Deployments

Stitching PAK nodes together is an effortless way of creating KVM operator stations and IP video walls of any size. The Configuration Tool of PAK is user-friendly and helps in configuring the system by selecting tiling arrangements, setting bezel compensation, and configuring outputs and resolutions. This makes setting up your system much easier.

Secure Access

By utilizing password-protected KVM environments, installations can be safeguarded by restricting access and control of KVM systems to authorized users only. This security measure is crucial in preventing unauthorized access that could result in security breaches and other related incidents. Implementing password-protected KVM enables organizations to have better control over their IT system and achieve a higher level of security.

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