We don’t do videowalls.
We only make sure you can view it all.

At VuWall, our mission is to simplify the life of AV/IT integrators and end users alike,
by offering visualization solutions for professional applications.

Some of our customers

Key benefits for AV integrators / IT integrators

Easy installation

Our solutions are easy to deploy, easy to use and easy to manage

Future proof

VuWall is hardware agnostic and compatible with all leading manufacturers in the industry

Less hardware

Simplicity: less hardware stands for fewer connections and less risk.


Buy only what you need - nothing more, nothing less

Key benefits for operators / users

Easy to use

The user interfaces are simple to use thanks to their intuitiveness, efficiency and responsiveness


Modularity and COTS hardware, allowing for maximum benefit from your investment


Because of being hardware agnostic, the products evolve with your infrastructure setup


Scalable solutions let you start up a project with just what you need, and let you gradually plan your investments