Video Walls for Mission-Critical Applications

Monitor and improve response times for mission-critical operations in command and control centers

Government, federal, military and defense agencies rely on video walls for secure, reliable and legible data management designed for the most demanding environments. Network operations centers are responsible for managing important data, including traffic flows, telecom networks, critical public utilities, public transportation systems and third party agencies. Network operators for government and defense organizations need to be equipped to deal with fast-moving situations and real-time.

Government Mid

Situational Awareness

Accurate and up-to-date data visualization is a critical component of the effectiveness in a crisis response. In a fast-moving situation, it’s often necessary to gather data from multiple sources and have the data collected in one centralized location. TRx’s drag and drop operation facilitates an intuitive management of ad-hoc visual information across video walls in control rooms and crisis rooms.

24/7 Reliability

VuWall products have been deployed within hundreds of mission-critical environments worldwide. Our systems are designed for time-sensitive operations for 24/7 reliability featuring complete redundancy.


Thanks to TRx’s interoperability management, VuWall’s ecosystem of poducts can be integrated with existing infrastructure to enable operators to capture and analyze real-time data from multiple inputs in multiple formats and make time-critical decisions with confidence.

User-Friendly Control

The TRx software brings a simplified solution that enables easy drag and drop operations for users to configure and operate all devices. Our technology eliminates traditional programming to reduce configuration and deployment time in the field.


VuWall’s products feature robust security and encryption to ensure complete data protection. Requiring less hardware than traditional configurations, our solution requires fewer connections, yielding to less risk of failure.


The VuWall ecosystem of products is modular, scalable, and interoperable with third party solutions. Customers can easily expand an existing deployment to meet growing needs. Our technology grows as your installation expands.

Use Cases

  • Command and Control Centers
    • View and manage critical information in a central location during time-critical situations

  • Field and Combat Operations
    • Monitor critical information from multiple visualization systems to effectively communicate with the field

  • Security Operations Centers
    • Monitor, detect, and respond quickly and accurately to incidents with real-time information

  • Emergency Response Centers
    • Collaborate across local, national or global agencies and centralize information during extreme situations

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