Content Management for Modern Transportation

Manage multiple content sources seamlessly to streamline road, rail, sea or air transportation

Video wall displays and content management are essential in providing operators with the visual information they need to monitor, assess and respond in traffic and transportation applications. Whether monitoring road, rail, sea or air transportation, the traffic management center is responsible for evaluating time-sensitive surveillance, map data and sensor information. Today, video displays and content management solutions have become the backbone for operators managing some of the world’s busiest urban traffic networks.

Transportation Mid

Situation Awareness

In order to make informed decisions, Traffic Management Operators need to gather critical information from different visual systems like maps, cameras, dashboards and display it on any video wall or crisis room displays in their facility. With the TRx software, operators can easily manage these sources and even select a region of interest on their desktop or on the video wall and share it with the various rooms or any other stakeholder in the organization.


Operators can visualize content from any type of device to an unlimited number of displays. Our TRx solution ensures interoperability between multiple formats of content coming from IP cameras, web apps, computers, encoders, media players and other devices. A tool to create custom control panels as well as the scripting tool facilitates the creation of automated triggers, emergency messaging and many other integrated features.

24/7 Reliability

Operators require clear information in order to make real-time informed decisions on critical issues. The VuWall interoperable ecosystem of products, specifically designed for 24/7 applications, is a reliable solution for content management for video wall displays that empower operators with consistent visual information to monitor, assess and respond accordingly.

User-Friendly Control

Our easy-to-use interface allows operators to quickly and easily control and manage content during time-critical situations. Operators can easily arrange content on the video walls in real-time or integrate pre-arranged layouts. A simple touch interface that can be customized empowers immediate control of the system.


The VuWall ecosystem of products boasts state-of-the-art security to ensure complete data protection. Our technology is made secure by design. All our products undergo rigorous testing, including threat modeling, security baseline requirements, vulnerability management and penetration testing, to ensure security is cutting-edge.

Exceptional Support

VuWall has a full team of in-house technical experts and a global network of technology partners, known as VuWall Certified Partners, to provide our customers with global access to industry-leading technical support.

Use Cases

  • Traffic Management
    • Evaluate time-sensitive surveillance, map data and sensor information for timely & accurate responses

  • Railway Operations
    • Monitor real-time data to ensure the rail lines are running smoothly in incidents are addressed rapidly.

  • Air Traffic Control
    • Centralize information from different sources to monitor & make informed decisions for air traffic capacity

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