Build KVM stations and video walls with high performance appliances.

PAKTM is a compact and cost-effective processing appliance that can work as a standalone unit or can be stitched to each other to build KVM operator stations and IP video walls of any size. PAK is ideal for multi-room visualization, situational awareness, control rooms, and corporate workspaces.

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Introducing PAK – Redefining Video Wall Deployments. Get a live presentation and demo of the new PAK Video Wall Node and discover the most innovative solution for deploying and managing modular video walls in AV-over-IP environments.

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Easy to configure. Easy to install. Easy to manage.


Utmost flexibility and scalability. One node. Endless possibilities.


Minimized impact of failure. 24/7 dependability.


Smaller footprint. Low power consumption.


Control of remote sources with low latency


High security. No Windows updates.

Easy Maintenance

Easy to replace. Easy to troubleshoot.

High Performance

Up to 8x 4K or 32x HD decodes per node

Centralized Management

Manage all your PAK nodes with award-winning TRx software – a single, common platform to manage all your video wall and AV distribution ecosystem. Learn more about TRx.


Multi-Format Decoding

Decode a wide array of formats including H.264, VNC, NDI, proprietary streams and content from websites, dashboards, third-party SCADA, business analytics and social media feeds.

IP KVM Technology

Powered by TRx’s PAK KVM capabilities for dynamic collaboration in control rooms between operators’ personal desks, local displays and the main video wall. Learn More

Touch Panel Control

Touch Panel Control

Give operators the freedom to change layouts and control devices with a simple touch. Create fully customized panels from TRx’s web-based control panel designer, quickly and easily, without any programming skills. Learn more or Watch Demo

PAK Workflow

PAK Overview Workflow

PAK Applications

Control Room

Control Rooms

Video Wall Control & KVM

Increasing productivity with powerful, easy to use technology.

Corporate Work Spaces

Corporate Workspaces

Multi-Source Visualization

Bringing efficiency to meeting rooms with productive collaboration.

Experience Centers

Experience Centers

Versatile Display Management

Captivating visitors with unforgettable visual experiences.

Crisis Rooms

Crisis Rooms

Unified Visualization

Making rapid, accurate and informed decisions.

Corporate Signage

Lobby Signage

Content Management & Distribution

Easily manage and distribute content throughout multi-site organizations.

Classrooms and Auditoriums

Classrooms & Auditoriums

Presentation & Collaboration

Engage audiences with captivating visual content.

Extend the Power of PAK

Application Server Tile

Application Server

Websites, Dashboards, Applications
TRx Video Wall Management and AV Distribution


Centralized Management


Encoders & Decoders

Why PAK?

PAK is a networked, multi-decode video wall processor that can operate as a standalone device or be stitched with other PAKs to build KVM operator stations and IP-based video walls that are infinitely scalable. PAK simplifies video wall deployments by reducing the number of connections and eliminating a single point of failure, reducing project risk, and offering improved reliability. PAK features four HDp60 outputs or one 4Kp60 output and multiformat decoding up to 32 HD streams per device.

Interoperability in AV-over-IP Environments

Using PAK for video wall processing in AV-over-IP environments delivers a seamless interoperability and visualization of IP content, simplifying workflows and reducing the amount of hardware required. PAK is unique in supporting open-standard signals such as H.264, NDI, and VNC, making it a true AV-over-IP video wall solution.

PAK vs Traditional Video Wall Controllers

A peek behind today’s video walls reveals what it takes to currently install them — an incredible amount of expensive hardware and lengthy cable runs snaking from overcrowded racks. In addition, they can take many hours to deploy, leading installers to ask: am I really profiting? VuWall has employed its years of video wall engineering expertise to define an innovative approach for deploying and managing video walls in AV-over-IP environments with the launch of PAK. PAK is a compact appliance that simplifies video wall deployments.

Unlike traditional video wall systems, it’s extremely easy to build video walls with PAK. Whether the deployment is large or small, all that’s required are PAK appliances. To increase the size of a video wall, simply add a PAK. The only spare component needed to keep in stock is the PAK, reducing inventory costs and project complexity. Integrators can level up their service while greatly improving ROI for video wall installations of any size.

While traditional video wall controllers lack the flexibility and simplicity to scale and integrate multiple displays, PAK video wall controllers are user-friendly and offer the ability to expand a video wall far easier than the traditional method while also being able to distribute and display any source on any display. Traditional video wall controllers often rely on complicated wiring, requiring a multitude of different connections, whereas PAK video wall systems require only a display source and power source, allowing for easy installation and maintenance. PAK video wall controllers also work independently from one another, if a single PAK node fails, only the displays connected to that node will fail, while the whole system continues to work.

Centralized Management

PAK features up to four HDp60 outputs or one 4Kp60 output and multiformat decoding up to 32 HD streams per device, including H.264, NDI, PNG, JPEG and VNC/remote desktops or virtualized browsers. As part of VuWall’s ecosystem, PAK is managed by the company’s award-winning TRx software platform. Easy to set up and configure, PAK is perfectly designed for multi-room visualization, situational awareness, control rooms and corporate workspaces. Its eco-friendly design boasts a compact form factor and low power consumption. PAK is small enough to be mounted behind monitors, saving rack space, and reducing extended video cable runs.

Certifications & Awards

PAK is fully certified with Samsung’s latest display technology, The Wall. View the latest certification of PAK with Samsung’s The Wall ensuring that PAK delivers a seamless interoperability and an optimized visualization experience with The Wall MicroLED Displays.

PAK was launched at ISE 2022 and already picked up two “Best of Show” awards at ISE and InfoComm 2022.

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