VuScape is a video wall controller for small to large scale video walls and single or multi-display projections.

  • Simply & modular architecture with high end performance
  • 24/7 Availability
  • Future proof 4K Video Signal Processing
  • IP Signal Encoding & Decoding
  • Ready for Windows Applications & Big Data Visualization with a nearly unlimited pixel space
  • All controllers come with the VuWall2 software package
VuScape Series 2 VuScape Series 3 VuScape Series 4
Small to medium size hybrid video wall controller Flexible hybrid video wall controller Hybrid video wall controller for High End Collaboration or Visualization
Single 4U Chassis 4U Chassis with optional expansions chassis Single Chassis with NVIDIA QUADRO GPU
Encoding and Decoding Decoding Encoding and Decoding

Modular Hardware Configuration

  • Inputs (up to 64 sources)
  • Outputs (up to 64 displays)
  • 4K in/out
  • IP Decoding (up to 100+ 4k/HD Streams)
  • CPU (powered by Intel Xeon)
  • GPU (depending on project requirements)
  • SSD RAID & Redundant Power Supply

VuScape encoding

SRT (Secure Reliable Transport)

  • Encoding/Recording for Inputs, complete VideoWall or a area of interest
  • H264 encoding up to 4k and 4:4:4
  • SRT Ready – Encryption and low Latency

Configuration overview