VuScape is a video wall controller for small to large scale video walls and single or multi-display projections.

  • Simple & modular architecture with high-end performance
  • 24/7 Availability
  • Future proof 4K video signal processing
  • IP signal encoding & decoding
  • Ready for Windows applications & big data visualization with a nearly unlimited pixel space
  • All controllers come with the VuWall2 software package
  • Available in 3 series, customized to your needs

Modular Hardware Configuration

  • Inputs (up to 64 sources)
  • Outputs (up to 64 displays)
  • 4K in/out
  • IP Decoding (up to 100+ 4k/HD Streams)
  • CPU (powered by Intel Xeon)
  • GPU (depending on project requirements)
  • SSD RAID & Redundant Power Supply

VuScape Encoding

SRT (Secure Reliable Transport)

  • Encoding/Recording of sources, complete video wall or a specific area of interest
  • H.264 encoding up to 4k and 4:4:4
  • SRT Ready for secure, low latency video delivery

Configuration overview