Versatile Video Wall Management for Customer Experience Centers

Easily manage and distribute pristine-quality content from any source to any display type or format.

Engage and inform visitors using video walls or digital signs of any size and any aspect ratio, creating captivating experiences. Distribute content across multiple displays or video walls seamlessly from an easy-to-use centralized platform.

Central Management

Configure and operate a mix of video walls, multi-viewers and digital signs, deployed across one or multiple experience centers with TRx - the centralized management platform, powered by the unique VuTrex technology..

Multi-brand Support

Captivate your audience with the most brilliant visual experience on our high performance graphics cards. Our software makes it easy to manage complex layouts with different display sizes and aspect ratios, giving you the utmost flexibility with easy drag and drop operations.

Multi-Format Support

Future-proof your video wall deployment with TRx - a standards-based control system that is built on VuTrex technology - an open, hybrid and interoperable architecture. Easily integrate with your existing infrastructure and rest assured of the system’s interoperability with future technologies.

Custom Visualization

Give visitors an attractive and simple control panel to customize their own visual experience with ControlVu, our fully customizable control panel. Allow content managers to easily and quickly create a dedicated web-based control panel for every station, without any programming.

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