Distribution of AV signals over standard IP networks

TRx 2.0 is the next generation of distribution of audio and video signals over standard IP networks, designed for presentation rooms, control rooms and content distribution across multiple locations throughout a campus. TRx supports multiple formats of video streaming up to 4K resolution and offers simple management of an unlimited number of sources and display surfaces. The system consists of a centralized TRx server for easy deployment of a large number of devices, along with a series of encoders, decoders, and IP video wall processors, supporting H.264 4K/UHD, SRT, and SDVoE. The intuitive web interface allows for easy control and maintenance from anywhere on the network.


  • Highly Flexible and scalable through encoders, decoders and Videowall IP processors
  • Full standard IP network based solution
  • H.264 compression for high-quality and low-bandwidth AV-over-IP
  • High End Video streaming quality up to 4:4:4 and support for 4K/UHD signals
  • Supports HDMI and digital audio Inputs or analogue audio Inputs
  • Based on the TRx – AV Network Management software, which makes it easy to operate, easy to deploy, to configure and to maintain


How VuWall TRx can enhance your projects

  • Configure every project before going on-site and considerably reduce time and cost
  • Simplify the process from configuration to operation
  • Work with an easy interface that is simple and intuitive
  • Easily add new devices from many manufacturers to the system, and control and deploy them under one umbrella
  • No need for specific programming skills to configure the devices
  • Keep track of the system and do easy maintenance and support in complex projects
  • Configure your system in minutes, not days


The multibrand AV Network solution

TRx is a the only open & multibrand solution on the market which support not only VuWall products. Encoders and Decoders from the SDVoE Alliance, SRT Alliance, AMX SVSI, Matrox or IHSE KVM can be used parallel and be driven from one centralized platform.  On top TRx is compatible with H264 streams which are accessible over RTSP.


Touch control panel

  • Control the system over a 10” touch panel
  • Multiple panels for each operator desk can be used
  • Build in Control Panel Designer for individual programming of the interface
  • Create buttons to launch layouts or to control external devices
  • Flexible user experience allows any user to operate without training

Configuration overview

TRx hardware