Video Wall Management & KVM Operations Made Simple

TRx is unique in combining advanced multi-video wall management, KVM operations and AV distribution in a single platform. TRx is used to configure, manage and distribute virtually any source type to any display with an easy drag-and-drop and no programming.


Compatible with 3rd party brands. Supports H.264, H.265, SDVoE, NDI, SRT, and more.

Ease of Use

Easy drag & drop operations to configure & operate all your devices.

Reduce Risk

No programming required, reducing configuration & deployment time in the field.

Flexible & Scalable

Buy only what you need. TRx grows as your installation expands.


Touch Panel Control

Give operators the freedom to change layouts and control devices with a simple touch. Create fully customized panels quickly and easily without any programming skills.

IP KVM Technology

Powered by TRx’s PAK KVM capabilities for dynamic collaboration in control rooms between operators’ personal desks, local displays and the main video wall.

SOC 2 Certification

We don’t compromise on security, especially when it comes to control rooms! Our commitment to top-tier information security practices, policies, procedures, and operations has been independently audited and validated. Experience peace of mind and performance excellence with our TRx management platform as it proudly showcases its SOC 2 Type I certification.

Extensive API

Benefit from our API’s to integrate your existing workflows, quickly and easily, for more productive operations. Access various app components to streamline and simplify your workflows giving users the utmost flexibility.

The Multi-Brand AV Network Solution

TRx is the only multi-video wall management solution that not only supports all VuWall products, but also supports third-party devices. TRx is also compatible with H.264 streams which are accessible over RTSP.


TRx is the proud recipient of many industry awards. Recognized for drastically improving operator response times and efficiency with its flexible and easy-to-use platform, TRx is powering thousands of video walls in control rooms globally. VuWall is committed to creating AV-over-IP solutions that further the simplicity, scalability and interoperability that integrators and organizations require. Our innovation and hard work continues to meet and exceed the expectations our customers. We are grateful for this recognition.

TRx Applications

Control Room

Control Rooms

Video Wall Control & KVM

Increasing productivity with powerful, easy to use technology.

Corporate Work Spaces

Corporate Workspaces

Multi-Source Visualization

Bringing efficiency to meeting rooms with productive collaboration.

Experience Centers

Experience Centers

Versatile Display Management

Captivating visitors with unforgettable visual experiences.

Crisis Rooms

Crisis Rooms

Unified Visualization

Making rapid, accurate and informed decisions.

Corporate Signage

Lobby Signage

Content Management & Distribution

Easily manage and distribute content throughout multi-site organizations.

Classrooms and Auditoriums

Classrooms & Auditoriums

Presentation & Collaboration

Engage audiences with captivating visual content.

Advanced TRx Features

Web-Based Management

Manage and control the system with any standard browser from anywhere on the network. No software to install.

Advanced Video Wall Management

Control and manipulate content on any video wall with easy drag-and-drop. Open any source, move it, resize it, crop it or zoom. Send layouts to any other wall.

Advanced Multi-Display Visualization

Display pristine-quality content from any source to any display type, whether LCD, LED, or projector, of any size and any aspect ratios.

Video Wall Stitching

Build unlimited-sized video walls by stitching multiple PAK video wall nodes or VuStream 510 SDVoE decoders for a full SDVoE video wall. The stitching feature brings an increased processing scalability, flexibility and redundancy.

Source Management

Manage all sources quickly and efficiently with intuitive UI. Sort, filter, preview mode, etc. Supports wide range of IP streams, HDMI, DP, and HD-SDI sources, Windows applications, screen captures, pictures, videos, websites, and documents.

User Rights Management

Administrators can fine-tune permissions to individual users or groups with or without Active Directory. Access restrictions can be set on floors, zones, sources and displays.

Audio Management

Manage audio controls for all encoders, decoders and video wall controllers including physical inputs and browsers.

KVM Control

KVM devices can be fully integrated, controlled and used in TRx. Enhanced features include private mode and USB device switching.

Secure Data

All data transmitted between the TRx web server and the HTML5 client is fully encrypted with TLS 1.2. Sources and IP streams are secured with 128-bit AES encryption.

Powerful Scripting Tools

Built-in tool to easily create custom macro-commands and automate a series of tasks that may include commands to manipulate layouts and triggers or control external devices.

Supported Devices

TRx supports VuWall’s VuStream series of encoders/decoders, VuWall’s VuScape & PAK video wall processors, IHSE KVM switches, Matrox Maevex, SDVoE, NDI, and SRT encoders/decoders.

Redundancy & Availability

Ensure full availability and control of your visualization infrastructure with redundancy and High Availability (HA) options.

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