Collaboration Rooms in Corporate Workspaces

Bringing efficiency to meeting rooms with multiple onsite and remote participants for productive collaboration.

Bring your teams together to share ideas and make decisions based on real time data. Easily share presentations, use annotation tools, visualize external content from control rooms or other meeting rooms, or analyze dashboards. Turn your meeting rooms into versatile collaboration rooms with the full-featured, powerful VuScape video wall controller for collaboration.

Fully Integrated

Reduce your footprint with a VuScape system that combines the functions of a graphics station, matrix switch and control system in a single box. Run your favorite collaboration and annotation tools such as Teams, Zoom and Epic Pen, directly from VuScape.

Nothing to Install

Enter a room and get right to work! Participants simply come into the room and connect via HMDI or wirelessly with a VuScape USB key. There is absolutely no software to install! Easily create your own web-based control panels and run them on our ControlVu panel or any other mobile device.

Connect from Any Device

Our BYOD environment allows participants to visualize content from virtually any type of device and from as many devices as they need. Create the ideal desktop sharing scenario by either physically or wirelessly connecting your MacBook, PC, or tablet to the video wall and easily bring in remote participants.

Fully Automated

Our intelligent collaboration tool automatically arranges all participant windows in the most efficient and visually receptive layout as participants join and leave the meeting, depending on resolution and space. Overriding the automation is optional for a more customized layout.


Our extensive API’s allow for easy integration with nearly all industry-leading control and conferencing systems such as AMX, Crestron, and Polycom. We deliver a user-friendly experience where participants can continue using the tools they’re already familiar with that are seamlessly integrated.

Exceptional Support

Our team of qualified video wall experts, located all over the world, are always available to help. In addition to our own technical support team, we have over 50 VuWall Certified Specialists in 20 countries, giving you global access to technical support.

Use Cases

Corporate Boardrooms

Bring efficiency to business leaders with the tools they need to share and collaborate, as soon as they enter the room.

Huddle Rooms

Bring out the best in creativity and efficiency from your teams in easy to use, BYOD, collaboration spaces.

Crisis/War Rooms

Facilitate mission-critical decision making with content delivered where and when it’s needed most.

Simulation Center/VR

Create immersive and collaborative visual experiences by combining high performance graphics and collaboration tools.

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