VuStation enables control room operators to seamlessly interact with multiple sources on a monitoring from a single station with a single keyboard and mouse. The collaborative VuStation interface supplies the operator with flexibility to have all critical controls and information at their fingertips on a single surface.

The user friendly interface allows the resizing of all windows across the complete input range, accessing multiple sources even if they are on segregated networks. Interfaces can be set up in any configuration with operator-specific templates and groups.


  • Control multiple windows within one or multiple surfaces
  • Up to 6x outputs and multiple inputs
  • Big desktop surface with 4K per output
  • Seamlessly control all sources with one keyboard and mouse
  • Customizable view of all windows on your desktop
  • Non-intrusive control with intuitive interface software
  • Support for standard Windows applications
  • Encoding of HDMI inputs or of the entire video wall up to 4K
  • Supports 4K encoding and decoding

Configuration overview