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Course Objectives

1.  Ability to present all VuWall solutions to end users and assist in a video wall and/or AV distribution project design. 
2. Deploy and operate PAK video wall nodes, VuScape controllers, and VuStream encoders/decoders using VuWall2 or TRx management software.
Troubleshoot and service VuWall solutions which may include card replacement, updating and reinstalling server drivers, managing backups, etc...

Qualified VuWall Instructors

Duration: 3 days
CTS RU Credits: 12

VuWall Certification Program

Designed for: System Designers, Design Engineers, Technical Sales, Consultants, Field & Service Technicians

Mark Schmidt
Chief Technology Officer

Course Description

Level I: VuWall Designer    Graduates will be able to present VuWall's entire line of solutions to potential end users and assist in designing a video wall and AV distribution projects with VuWall's PAK & VuScape video wall processors, VuStream encoders/decoders, the TRx management software, and other enhancements such as control panels, extenders, VMS integration, and more. 

Jan Riegert
Application Engineer

Fabian Scheidnass
Product Specialist

Frederic Trachy
Product Specialist

Martin St-Jean
Application Engineer

Level II: VuWall Field Specialist    Graduates will be able to autonomously install, configure and operate VuWall products. This course begins with best practices for network considerations when designing and installing VuWalls solutions. The course continues with a deep dive into the planning, configuration, and operation of VuWall2 and TRx with VuScape, VuStream and other endpoints, as well as an introduction to scripting, API, and user management. The course concludes with the basics of system updates and troubleshooting.

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Level III: VuWall Service Specialist    Graduates will be able to autonomously repair and upgrade products on-site. This course completes the certification training enabling graduates to feel confident in being the end user's first line of support for the PAK video wall nodes, VuScape video wall controllers, and VuWall2 & TRx management software. It includes a deep dive into the software installation, card replacement, add-ons, and software activation as well as an entire module on troubleshooting, backup & redundancy. 

VuWall's Certification Program is divided into three parts:

Certification Training Program

Maryse Montagne
VP Sales, North America

Jean-S├ębastien Desbiens
Application Engineer

Francisco Provencio
Application Engineer