Multi-Platform Video Wall Control Software

VuWall2 is a powerful software platform designed to simplify video wall management and control. VuWall2 provides operators with the control of all connected sources and enables content distribution on video walls in control rooms,  presentation spaces, and public areas. Its intuitive user interface reduces reaction times and increases the efficiency of video wall operations.


VuWall2 is interoperable and can work with multiple systems on the network. From each operator workstation, users can easily bring sources to any display surface across the network: any single display, large or small video wall or even another operator’s PC.

Collaboration & Control

Each operator can work with the VuWall2 client software independently and can manage all sources, displays and client captures with easy real-time drag and drop operations. The multilingual interface is so intuitive and easy to use enabling operators in critical environments and emergency situations to focus on their work and not on the technology. Operators can collaborate and share information on any kind of display. With an integrated Control Panel Designer, supervisors can easily create control panels for their operators that can be launched from VuWall’s ControlVu touch panel or from any mobile device for both onsite and remote video wall control. Functions can include the launch of different layouts & presets, manipulation of sources & displays, or even the control external devices.

High Performance & Flexibility

VuWall2 offers unbeatable performance and flexibility with real-time drag and drop operations on displays of all types and sizes, both standard and unconventional shapes. VuWall2 preserves video quality and easily arranges content on displays of mixed sizes and aspect ratios, featuring bezel correction for a more continuous image across all displays and providing a more realistic experience, especially in simulation environments.

Customized Configurations

VuWall2 is available in a Standard and a Pro version. The Standard version delivers the required functionality for standard control rooms with collaboration requirements and digital signage applications with scheduling. The Pro version is designed for mission-critical and security sensitive control rooms with extensive collaboration requirements and user profile administration. 

Configuration overview