Multi-platform video wall control software

VuWall2 is a powerful software solution for the operation of large screen systems and multimonitor systems. VuWall2 provides operators with control over all connected signal sources and enables distribution of information in control rooms and presentation spaces. The system is based on an intuitive user interface, which reduces reaction time and makes the operation of video wall systems more efficient.


VuWall2 can work with multiple systems in the network. From each operator workstation, users can easily bring sources to any display surface across the network: any display, any large video wall or any another operator’s PC.

Collaboration & control

Each operator can work with the VuWall2 client software independently and can manage all sources, displays and client captures. The multilingual interface is intuitive, and it is very easy for operators to work with in critical environments, even in emergency situations. Operators can collaborate with each other and share information together on any kind of display.

A dedicated configuration for each application

Standard Standard control rooms with collaboration requirements and digital signage applications with scheduling. Pro Mission critical and security sensitive control rooms with extensive collaboration requirements and user profile administration.    

Configuration overview