Our Mission

Our mission is to simplify the life of AV/IT integrators and video wall operators, by offering high quality, intuitive visualization solutions for professional and mission-critical applications. Our development efforts are driven by customer feedback and industry trends. Tailored for every project, our solutions are easy to deploy, easy to use and easy to maintain. 

Our Values

We strongly believe that managing, distributing and sharing visual information can only be efficient if the systems to process the information are easy to use.

Open Architecture – VuWall’s products are open by design, ensuring a seamless integration into a larger AV infrastructure, whether it is for third party devices, applications to control our products (VuWall API) or to be controlled by our products (third party API integration).

Innovation –  An ongoing endeavour at VuWall, our brilliant team of developers and designers are always ahead of the game, offering new and unique features that end users and AV/IT integrators need before they even know it.

Customer Feedback – We listen to our customers! Their feedback is continuously helping us improve the user experience of managing visual content across multiple display surfaces.

Partnership – Our partners are experienced system integrators from around the world. They understand that each project is unique. The common software core across our whole range of products makes it very easy for our partners to deploy any project, large or small.

Our History

In 2009, Paul Vander Plaetse founded VuWall to offer AV integrators a powerful solution for their video wall projects that was affordable and easy to implement. After years of development based on customer feedback and changing industry trends, in 2013, VuWall launched the VuWall2 video control software, a unique and complete software platform. VuWall brought the simplicity and modularity that the market was seeking while leveraging the latest technology developments in graphics and video processing. VuWall created a versatile solution with powerful features that simplified multi-surface display management.

The launch of VuWall2 triggered a remarkable response in the market. The company has received praise from many satisfied customers and integration partners globally, including Fortune 500 companies and government agencies powering some of the largest video wall deployments in the world. VuWall’s award-winning video wall management and collaboration solutions have been trusted by more than 900 customers from all over the world.

Leadership Team

Paul Vander Plaetse
Chief Executive Officer
Keith Findlay
Chief Financial Officer

Mark Schmidt
Chief Technology Officer
Eric Hénique
Chief Sales Officer
Anna Kozel
Director of Marketing

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