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From Dallas at GSX 2023, get some insights from industry experts, David Bromberg and Nick Mathis, as they dive into some challenges and trends that they’re seeing in Security Operation Centers. Have a look at the show floor and what’s new with VuWall at GSX this year.

Hi this is David Bromberg with VuWall, I’m one of the business development directors here in the United States. I’m also here with Nick Mathis, my counterpart, covering the U.S. from border to border we’re here at GSX 2023 in Dallas Texas. Real excited about hte show it’s a great opportunity for us to get out there and meet, not only our integrator community, but our end user community as well. We’ve got a lot of really neat things to share in the booth at the show. The security operations center space is really developing and growing for VuWall and for the industry as a whole. So we’re looking at not just the control rooms but the security operations centers, emergency operations centers, and the evolution of these spaces. In order to support that evolution we’ve got to have the right products and we’ve got to be driving these products and solutions into the marketplace not only as you know responding to customer requests but as thought leaders in the industry. So if you a chance to come by the booth we’ve got some great content to share today and over the next couple days as well. Nick do you have anything to add onto that? 

Absolutely I think now more than ever we’re at a place with the security industry where you know, through covid through where technology is at now the advancements in video over IP AI all of these things we have a lot of small players that normally couldn’t afford a SOC before we have a lot of people that want to do it themselves people that want to leverage a bigger ecosystem of products, so we’re at this cool confluence where all of these things are coming together and we get to have a lot of interesting conversations about how all of those different things can be accomplished and I think what we’re doing with PAK and with video over IP is a cool Swiss army knife solution where you can accomplish a lot of this you can do small systems that will grow into big without wasting products down the road when you need to scale up you don’t have to throw away old chassis or things like that you know you can have groups that say we have 200 cameras now and we’re going to have 2000 cameras and they don’t run out of inputs on a box right. So it’s neat time to be doing video over IP in this market and really cool conversations we have with people at the show.

That’s a great point, so video over IP is really where the industry is heading and we’re certainly driving into that space and if we look at audio video as well as it and the conversaions of the two verticals if you will, over the past several years we’re no longer talking about AV systems and its IT systems as disparate systems. There’s now complete convergence where the AV folks are working with and talking to the IT staff on site as well. So in order to deply a system like tjis you really need to understand not only the audio video side of the world bu the IT side. I think that’s one of the things we do really well with our teams. 

Yeah absolutely, up until even a few years ago it was almost a bad word in Pro AV, you know we’d be talking about installations and you had your video Matrix switcher you had a 32×32 box and you had the speakers and you had you know a full AV system but the second they said we’re getting it involved, everything got compilated. Now everything is IT and we’re able to have conversations where we talk with the IT team of the end user and you know our integrator does that as well where we can build a solution that works well within their IT infrastructure so that it fits. One neat thing that we’re showing here that we didn’t do a GSX in previous years is we’re showing the KVM feature of our video walls . We’re now in addition to you know displaying video on a video wall and having your operator workstation, the same box that we call PAK can do KVM over IP as well. So not only can it show dozens of sources either on a personal awareness level at your workstation but also up on the video wall. All of that can be KVM interoperable where anything that has a USB connection at the source level whether it’s a software source or a hardware source. A single mouse and keyboard can interact with all of that. So looking at how people build these systems there’s a lot of times when they have separate KVM networks, separate video networks and, KVM is keyboard video mouse, so a lot of these systems live in different ecosystems and they might have bridges between them. But now we can have a single box that does both of these things and that’s useful in the security space because you know oftentimes operators will have a few keyboards in front of them, one for updating dashboards, one for dismissing alerts, one for social media pages where they’re watching the city’s news on traffic or whatever. And now all of that can be done with that single set of equipment to simplify user operations to expand what they’re able to control, to reduce costs, to simplify architecture, and make their systems a lot more stable, resilient future forward so that’s going to be exciting thing that we’re bringing to the show this year.

Yeah for sure Nick, I think he keyed in on a really important component which is simplify user operations. So if you take a look at our system and if you have a chance to come by the booth we’d love to show you. If not Nick alluded to the idea of contacting us at we can do live demos and give you a walkthrough of our solution. But the user interface is really key to the entire ecosystem and solution that we offer because once the integrator dealer leaves the site, it’s the end user that’s working with the system every day so reliability, scalability, user ease of deployment, and use on a daily basis is really critical so you know our systems are designed really with the end user in mind. And when he or she sits down at their workstation give the ma great experience and easy to use expereience and I think that’s what we do better than probably anyone else in the industry. So we’re looking forward to seeing you at the show and aain if not you, by all means give us a call or hit us at contact and we’ll make sure we get back to you! 

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Nick Mathis

Nick Mathis, CTS-I, is the Director of Business Development for VuWall USA. A native of Edina, Minnesota, Nick graduated from Iowa State University with a degree in Aerospace Engineering and is now a seasoned professional in ProAV and AV Engineering, passionate about providing technology solutions for mission-critical applications. Some of his career highlights include designing immersive 3D simulation environments, operating a 3D simulation theater for a Fortune 500 client, and helping universities adapt to lecture streaming at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. In his spare time, Nick enjoys travelling, the great outdoors, and showing photos of his dog to anyone and everyone. 

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