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VuScape Powers LG’s Latest Displays in New Showrooms

VuWall is a recognized leader in video wall control systems with solutions known for their reliability and performance. Their deep understanding of mission-critical needs and ability to efficiently drive any kind of video wall make them the ideal partner for us.”

Harri Ekholm, Vice President of Sales at LG Electronics

We’re proud to partner with LG who is recognized for pushing the boundaries of video wall technology by powering some of their most innovative and spectacular displays.”

Paul Vander Plaetse, CEO at VuWall


LG has developed the most impressive commercial displays and was looking to build three new showrooms in order to demonstrate the capabilities of their products to their customers and potential customers. They were looking for a video wall controller that can drive any type of display or video wall, despite its size and aspect ratio. They needed a solution that was both powerful and flexible to handle different types of content and source types but also agnostic to formats and resolutions so that today it can handle 4K but in the future, will handle 8K or more. Ideally, the solution provider would also become a partner that would complement their displays and video walls offering their customers an integrated solution.


LG selected VuWall as their technology partner for their VuWall VuScape video wall controller, to power their latest LED curved video wall display at their new showroom in Pyeongtaek, South Korea and a series of LCD and LED displays in Paris and Frankfurt. They selected VuWall for its powerful, easy-to-use video wall management solution, the system’s 24/7 reliability, and its future-proof features such as scalability, interoperability and 3rd party integrations.


Today, LG hosts thousands of customers in their global showrooms every year, mesmerizing them with their impressive displays. Visitors can also get hands-on experience at controlling their visual experience with VuWall’s easy-to-use video wall control software, right in the showroom. The VuWall and LG integration offers customers the ability to control LG displays remotely using the VuWall scripting tool within the VuScape, offering video wall operators the utmost flexibility and ease of use. As a fully integrated platform, the solution provides organizations with a comprehensive ecosystem driving their video walls from anywhere in the facility, whether in control rooms, meeting rooms or lobby signage environments. These showrooms were built to impress… and they do just that!

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LG Electronics Inc. is a South Korean multinational electronics company headquartered in Yeouido-dong, Seoul, South Korea. LG is the leading global manufacturer of monitors, personal computers, digital signage, and commercial displays. The company offers commercial display solutions that are built with the latest innovations and packed with amazing features. LG’s commercial display products and solutions are tailored to meet the demands of vertical markets including retail, hospitality, healthcare, education and more. From high-quality OLED displays, IT products, digital signage to seamless video walls, learn more about LG’s line of commercial displays.LG



Press Release – January 12, 2020  
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