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Trends and Considerations for Control Room Design

Control rooms have long been mission critical-environments for a wide range of industries, including utilities, telecom, security and many others. The global market for control room technologies continues to grow as organizations invest in the next generation of control rooms. Control room technology plays an integral role in maximizing operational efficiency, reducing risk, minimizing costs, ensuring regulatory compliance and optimizing business outcomes. 

Whether for expansion, refurbishment or consolidation, control room technology will continue to adapt to meet today’s growing demands. Today’s trends impact the need for new, flexible technology to modernize control rooms.

Let’s take a closer look at the top 5 trends affecting control room design:

1  Adoption of Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT)

The proliferation of IIOT has forced security operations centers (SOCs) and network operations centers (NOCs) to broaden their focus beyond security to accommodate new and innovative technology, such as sensors and analytics. The challenge with IIOT is managing and distributing information from different sources and source types.


2  Reliable Solutions to Enable 24/7 Operations

Control rooms operate around the clock, which requires the most reliable and flexible technology. Operators require highly flexible technology that can quickly adapt to shift changes and ever-changing workflow, making it easy to make adjustments on the fly.


3  Emphasis on Flexible Data Visualization

As data flow becomes more complex, operations centers need to streamline their flow of information. Today, network operators receive high volumes of real-time data from different sources in different formats. The complexity of the data requires powerful visualizations tools to clarify and display data for faster collaborative decision-making.


4  Collaboration to Support Decentralized Workflows

Organizations emphasize collaboration in decision-making to accurately control and manage increasingly complex operating environments. The operator’s ability to quickly diagnose, react and resolve situations is critical; therefore, integrating flexible control room technology can promote streamlined workflows to increase collaboration.


5  Evolving for Future Control Room Technology

Typically, new technology does not pair with legacy systems, requiring a significant investment in an entirely new system. The challenge is selecting future-proof solutions that integrate with new technologies but work seamlessly with existing and legacy systems.

The exponential growth and changes in control room design have created unique challenges for operational staff. Traditional control room solutions cannot provide the necessary capabilities to operate effectively. Control room operators need a flexible, scalable and INTEROPERABLE solution that creates a centralized dashboard to quickly and effectively visualize data to improve situational awareness and support collaborative decision making.

VuWall’s TRx Centralized Management Platform is used for configuring and operating one or multiple video walls, multiviewers, encoders and decoders. TRx is easily paired with video displays, such as The Wall from Samsung, to provide a seamless video wall solution. The Wall is a flexible module-based display with zero bezel to eliminate the common distributing black lines in traditional displays.

With TRx, operators can easily manage and distribute AV content across The Wall with easy drag-and-drop functionality. Operators have the freedom to change layouts and control devices with a simple touch. Together, VuWall and Samsung have created a flexible display solution that offers one huge canvas, something that a standard LCD video wall cannot offer, while eliminating common interoperability challenges with existing infrastructure by creating a modular, scalable, and interoperable solution for third-party solutions applications.





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