VuWall, LG, Constant Technologies, and Parker Group Join Forces at DoDIIS Worldwide Conference

The Companies Will Demonstrate Their Latest Solutions for Mission-Critical Applications and 24/7 Command and Control Centers

MONTREAL Nov. 29, 2022 VuWall, a technology leader in video wall control systems and unified visualization solutions, will share its latest secure and reliable control room solutions for mission-critical applications and integrated command and control (C2) centers for 24/7 operations at DoDIIS Worldwide in San Antonio, Dec. 12-15. Teaming up with LG, Constant Technologies, and Parker Group, the working concept will feature LG’s all-in-one 136-inch LED wall; Parker Group’s AVenue AV-over-IP video capture, recording, and distribution platform; a height-adjustable operator console from Constant Technologies; and VuWall’s PAK™ Video Wall Nodes and TRx centralized video wall management software.

“It is now more important than ever for the intelligence community to have access to easy-to-deploy and easy-to-use visualization technology that helps them uncover and discover strategic and tactical advantages,” said Dan Gundry, Vice President and Managing Director of VuWall USA. “At DoDIIS Worldwide, our industry partners will come together to demonstrate those advantages for mission success.”

At the conference, VuWall, LG, Constant and Parker Group will demonstrate how every part of the visualization solution matters, from screen to workstation:

  • VuWall Video Wall Processing & Management: VuWall will share how its PAK video wall processing nodes offers an innovative way to deploy and manage modular video walls in AV-over-IP environments. PAK is a networked multi-decode node that can also operate efficiently as a stand-alone device. For large displays, PAK nodes can be easily stitched together to build an IP-based video wall that is infinitely scalable and can function as a single large canvas. PAK simplifies video wall integration by reducing the need for long video cables and eliminating single points of failure to minimize risk and improve reliability. As part of VuWall’s ecosystem, PAK is managed by the award-winning TRx software platform. Today, it’s possible to build a reliable, flexible video wall system quickly and cost-effectively over a distributed network with PAK, making it ideal for multi-room visualization, situational awareness, control room operations, and security applications. VuWall’s award-winning TRx platform is unique in combining AV-over-IP distribution and advanced multi-video wall and KVM management. Deployed in hundreds of control rooms and corporate workspaces around the world, it can configure, manage, and distribute virtually any source type to any display with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface. TRx ensures interoperability in a multi-brand AV-over-IP infrastructure and enables users to easily create customized control panels to run on any browser, tablet, or mobile device without any programming using its built-in control panel designer.


  • LG Business Solutions, Control Room DVLED Displays: Wall-mounted DVLED displays are quickly becoming the preferred technology based on their reliability, custom sizing options, off-axis visibility, and an industry-wide expectation of 100,000 hours of operation. For 24/7, mission-critical C2 spaces, that means an average of 11 years of consistent performance. LG Business Solutions offers standardized screen resolution DVLED bundles along with customizations that include size, shape, brightness, pixel pitch ,and curvature. The company’s DVLED displays fit virtually anywhere, including curved walls or pillars. Some LG DVLED models offer specialized features or add-ons, such as weatherproof/environmental ratings for dusty or humid environments and ambient light sensors that enable automatic brightness adjustments. For rapid deployment needs, LG offers all-in-one DVLED solutions at sizes up to 136 inches, which install in just a few hours. These LG DVLED displays come color calibrated and ready to mount for professional installation.


  • Constant Technologies Video Wall Integration & Console Furniture: Constant supports the DoD’s missions by providing video wall integration within fusion, watch floor, and operations centers. The company’s turnkey approach and versatile contracting options optimize an organization’s space efficiently and provide 24/7 situational awareness easily. With global experience in secure locations, Constant has the expertise and cleared resources necessary to work effectively in federal spaces. Along with full scale video wall integration, Constant offers a full line console furniture that’s purpose built for mission-critical installations and available on GSA schedule. At DoDIIS, Constant will have a 72-inch Endurance console, an adjustable-height workstation that’s ergonomically designed and built to withstand the demands of a 24/7 environment.


  • Parker Group Recording & Playback Solution: Tested and accredited in the DoD environment, Parker Group’s AVenue is an elegant solution to transport full-resolution HD/4K video across the street or around the globe at near zero latency. Using native trans-profiling bandwidth controls, AVenue technology distributes content throughout the enterprise, adjusting bandwidth on-the-fly to meet remote site network speed and connectivity demands. AVenue seamlessly manages up to 50 independent video streams, in any format, and includes embedded canvass layouts for ease of viewing. Unparalleled real-time DVR controls provide user flexibility to play, pause, skip back, fast forward, catch up to live and bookmark content. Its robust, multi-channel synchronized recording module enables local and cloud archival capability, enabling users to playback a single stream or entire control wall content for after-action review and analysis. AVenue supports diverse customer use cases, including mission-critical and operation control rooms, network and security operations centers, global enterprise AV distribution, and training and simulation.


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VuWall, a global technology leader in video wall control systems and unified visualization solutions, develops solutions to easily manage visual information on video walls and displays throughout facilities. They have pioneered a new and disruptive approach to video wall and KVM management in AV-over-IP environments, bridging AV, IT and IP systems to seamlessly manage and control visual content. VuWall delivers a state-of-the-art ecosystem of video wall processors, encoders, and decoders — all managed by their unique and interoperable TRx Centralized Management Platform, eliminating the complexity of traditional video wall control and signal distribution over IP, with easy drag-and drop operations and without any programming. VuWall is recognized for its innovative solutions that increase productivity and enhance visualization experiences in control rooms and corporate workspaces. Their TRx software sets a new industry benchmark in ease of use and deployment for the most effective distribution of any source to any type of display in professional and mission-critical applications. VuWall’s award-winning solutions power more than 5,000 video walls in some of the world’s most prestigious Fortune 500 companies in more than 45 countries. VuWall is headquartered in Montreal, Canada with a European Headquarter in Reutlingen, Germany and a US-based office in Atlanta, Georgia.

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