Streamline Video Wall Control and AV-over-IP Distribution with Unified Visualization

IP-based network protocols enable users to distribute high-quality, low-latency video and audio content over standard internet networks in real time. The AV-over-IP revolution is transforming methods for content distribution across corporate offices, higher education campuses and in control rooms. However, the rapid adoption of AV-over-IP has created challenges for seamlessly managing and deploying content across different devices. This article explores these challenges and outlines how unified visualization solutions can solve them. 

Let’s Start With the Challenges

  • Ever growing amount of information: Visual information can be collected and shared in many different ways. The challenge with the ever growing amount of information, is easily finding the relevant content and sending it to the appropriate display(s) or video wall(s). 
  • Future technologies: Often, new technology solutions do not pair with legacy systems, and this necessitates an entirely new AV system. The challenge is selecting future-proof solutions that integrate with new technologies but continue to work seamlessly with existing legacy systems. 
  • Application changes: Technology should support constant change, whether environmental, seasonal, new staff or new conditions. The challenge is creating a system that is agile, flexible and easy to adjust without needing to reprogram the system. 
  • User experience: Different users interact with technology differently. The challenge is integrating technology that allows for a customized user experience without requiring a trained programmer to support the system. This is especially important in environments with a wide range of users, such as teachers, students, operators and supervisors.

Corporate offices, higher education campuses and control room environments are common multi-room ecosystems. The spaces often include conference rooms, training rooms, control rooms, crisis areas and private office spaces. Information sources need to be available and accessible for the different display solutions in each room. The problem is that the technical requirements in each room are often different. 

How Do We Solve These Challenges?

With a central visualization system that provides content management across a multi-room ecosystem. VuWall’s VuTrex technology bridges the gap between AV, IT and IP systems with a modular, hybrid and scalable architecture. The VuTrex technology is at the core of VuWall’s TRx software, which addresses our challenges above. Here’s how: 

  • Hybrid functionality: TRx supports various source types and display formats to create a solution for seamless content management. 
  • Scalable design: The modular architecture is designed to seamlessly support future deployments.  
  • Unified platform: Users can easily manage and control encoders, decoders and other third-party devices with TRx, a single centralized platform.
  • Simplified programming: TRx eliminates traditional programming and enables users to easily configure content with drag-and-drop operations. 
  • High-level interoperability: TRx provides seamless integration that reduces the traditional deployment time and risk.
  • Open architecture: Third-party devices, including H.264, NDI|HX and SDVoE, are supported by TRx. 

Watch this 90 second video and learn about the power of VuTrex and TRx and how it works


So What Is Unified Visualization?

It is the concept of providing an integrated solution with a single system or platform that can configure, control and manage all the visual content throughout your organization, that can handle any type of video source (web, media file, apps, RSS feeds, live IP cameras, etc…) and route it to any display (computer screen, LED or LCD video wall, projector, TV, etc…) throughout a facility. 

Just like Unified Communications (UC) is simplifying work and increasing productivity in the workplace so that employees don’t need to worry about how things work, but they just do, Unified Visualization has the same objective but in work environments where employees or audiences depend on visual information on displays or video walls. Both approaches simplifying work, sheltering users from the complexity of the underlying technology, so that they can simply focus on their job. 

Understanding the Workflow

Any source to any display

The Solution: Centralized, Interoperable, Easy-to-Use Software

Powered by VuTrex Technology, VuWall’s TRx is a single software platform that can distribute AV-over-IP content and provide advanced video wall management and control. TRx is a centralized management platform for configuring and operating multiple video walls, multiviewers, encoders and decoders. The solution simplifies AV-over-IP projects with easy drag-and-drop options and without the need for any programming. Thanks to VuTrex, TRx provides a modular solution, future-proofing video wall deployments.

Watch this video to discover TRx

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