The Evolution of AV Distribution with SDVoE

AV over IP technology is evolving every day. VuWall’s interoperable approach to AV distribution has greatly simplified AV over IP deployments. In this video, Paul Vander Plaetse, Founder and CEO at VuWall, explains how a 10G AV network can easily co-exist with a 1G corporate network, while delivering all the benefits such as zero latency video distribution, scalability, and maintaining the integrity of high resolution AV signals. Understand the applications and use cases that can benefit from this technology.

One of the great things about the evolution of technology is I mean you talked about 8K a second ago right there’s always room to improve one of those ways especially in the IT world and in the signal distribution world is not only through increasing things like throughput from 1G to 10g but also putting a lot of those converters matrices on the network talk about that a little bit from a VuWall perspective.

“So the encoding and decoding technology high resolution encoding and decoding allows now to replace traditional matrixes especially the SDVoE technology allows us almost zero latency full frame rate full color depth for 4K signals which is great and that allows you to replace a traditional Matrix switch with a network switch. Now a lot of people say of course it requires a 10G network switch and most people in their organization they have a 1G so they say oh yeah but we only have 1G Network so we can’t install that but it’s different in any ways even if you have a 1G switching for the encoded video you won’t mix your AV network with your corporate Network so whether you put a 1G Network or 10G network is the same installation it’s not going to be mixed up with our corporate Network. The IT manager will never want that because you don’t want a high density video come on a Data Network”.

So the conversation about the 10G network is just, what you need is a 10G network that replaces your HDMI in and HDMI out of your big box. The advantage is if you have more sources and more destinations more decoders then you you can scale up those switches so the scalability is huge and there’s a lot of confusion within this 1G and 10G so we chose to adopt the SDVoE technology because it’s very solid it’s almost lossless for the applications where we’re using in control rooms, and extremely scalable. And also interoperable in control so you see all the SDVoE members of the alliance are interoperable products so through our TRX software we can manage all these SDVoE products. For example, we have SDVoE encoders and decoders but we don’t have SDVoE wall plates, but other manufacturers do and they have that right and we can tell our customers to use that brand of encoders and decoders without any problem”

You know Paul what are some of the ways that you’re seeing a lot of these 10G applications happen you know especially maybe outside of the control room world.

“So in education, that’s a big Market evolving, because now everything every computer has a 4K output so there’s a lot of update of technology to bring there and the advantage of the SDVoE Technologies. It allows to not only bring one source to one display and you know just the Matrix function but they have also a video wall capability so in your AV infrastructure based on 10G distribution you can also build video walls in different locations of your campus for example that’s an application. Casinos could be also a good application where you have a lot of content you want. You know when someone wins somewhere, you want to show the win, you want to show it live and without latency so that’s an area where there’s a lot of potential also”.

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Paul Vander Plaetse

Paul, VuWall’s Founder & CEO, is a veteran in the Pro AV industry, and couldn’t be prouder of the incredibly talented team he’s built and product that they’ve developed. Paul continues to be involved in every aspect of his company, watching it grow and succeed, the company that he started on his own back in 2009. Outside of his office, Paul enjoys kitesurfing, skateboarding, snowboarding and running with his dogs.

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