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Streamline Video Wall Content Management in Security Monitoring Environments

Increasing Efficiency in Control Rooms

Control rooms are vital for organizations to efficiently and effectively monitor information streams and make informed decisions. Control room operators rely on multiple information streams to make accurate mission-critical decisions. The ever-increasing number of content sources and applications available to control room operators has created a unique challenge in managing content quickly and efficiently 

THE CHALLENGE in Security Monitoring Control Room Environments

Unique to the security industry, control rooms typically utilize a software-based system management solution (VMS – Video Management System) to manage the security infrastructure, such as cameras, video servers and other security resources. The security video management software is the tool operators use all day long and is optimized for desktop work at the operator station, but is not designed to manage content on video walls where operators need to share information with colleagues in the control room. The video wall is also used to show general information that is valuable for all operators but that is not part of the VMS, like social media feeds, weather information, maps, etc…

The video wall in a control room is typically managed through a separate software application, which means operators need to switch between their VMS and the video wall management system, which can become cumbersome, especially in crisis situations. The final result leads to a complex non-intuitive solution that requires the end user to operate two different software applications, leading to complex management and increased decision-making time.

THE SOLUTION with a Centralized Management Platform

VuWall is eliminating the traditional restrictions to video wall management in control rooms with our centralized management platform – TRx. TRx is used to configure, manage and distribute virtually any source type to any display with easy drag-and-drop and no programming. TRx features an integrated plug-in to allow security center operators to manage video walls directly from their security interface i.e. their VMS. VuWall has obtained certification by the Genetec Development Acceleration Program to run with Genetec Security Center 5.10. The plugin ensures VuWall’s functionality within the Genetec ecosystem, letting operators control content without needing to switch applications, within the already-familiar Genetec software. Watch the video below for a look at Genetec’s Security Center and VuWall’s integration for advanced video wall management. 


VuWall’s plugin allows operators to control all devices from one software application to create a seamless solution that provides unified visualization of all video assets. Operators can easily display and control layouts from any content source on video walls. They have the flexibility to utilize VuWall’s preprogrammed layouts or create custom layouts specific to their needs. The operators have complete control over the video content on the video wall. The plugin can manage IP content, control data, HDMI and local applications, such as maps and webpages. The content can be displayed on the video wall to provide a complete, end-to-end networked solution.  

THE POWER of Interoperability

VuWall believes that the flexibility of control should be in the hands of the user. VuWall’s TRx solution features an open architecture to easily support third-party technology, creating a scalable, interoperable, and future-proof solution. Users can access various application components to streamline and simplify their workflows to provide the highest level of flexibility. Control room operators require a solution that supports quick reaction, especially in emergencies as environments transition from monitoring to the response. VuWall’s TRx simplifies the deployment of complex AV-over-IP projects, reducing risk and on-site deployment time. Watch the video below for a short preview of VuWall’s TRx centralized management platform. 


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Fadhl Al-Bayaty

Fadhl, pronounced /fadel/, is VuWall's Vice President of Product Management. Fadhl is leading the company's product strategy for the entire life cycle of every product in VuWall’s ecosystem, ensuring interoperability between all products as well as many third-party solutions. He is driving the product vision and strengthening the product roadmap with innovative solutions.

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