SDVoE in Control Rooms

Key Considerations for Reliable Video in Control Rooms with SDVoE Technology

Control rooms are vital for organizations to efficiently and effectively monitor multiple information streams and make accurate mission-critical decisions. In most use cases, the control room is a central hub where professionals collect, visualize and share critical information to make optimal, well-informed decisions. Whether the goal is to monitor and analyze data, manage infrastructure, or operate and control systems, reliable video transmission is necessary for success. 

Control room design has evolved with a recent convergence of AV and IT technologies. Control rooms are gathering more data and integrating new tools and applications to streamline productivity. It’s not just as simple as implementing new tools or applications to process the data, though. As more tools and applications are integrated, the technology needs for video management systems, controllers and extenders have increased. Software Defined Video over Ethernet (SDVoE) technology is revolutionizing the convergence of AV and IT in control rooms. 

What is SDVoE?SDVoE Logo

SDVoE is a standardized technology utilizing Ethernet to transport audio and video signals in professional AV environments. SDVoE technology creates a high-performance, zero-latency, software-based AV-over-IP platform which can enable many applications including, matrix switches, KVM extenders, video wall controllers and image processors, to unite seamlessly. 

SDVoE can create a unified ecosystem of technology; meanwhile, reduce the number of hardware devices. SDVoE technology provides a unique value to control rooms.

Here are three key considerations: 

1. Improved Security and Reliability

Control rooms, especially in mission-critical environments and security operations centers, require stringent encryption techniques. The encryption techniques are utilized to protect the security of data transmitted over networks. In addition, the systems need to be reliable to reduce any downtime for failures and outages; meanwhile, keep the systems fully functioning during an outage. An SDVoE solution provides unparalleled security and reliability by utilizing stream encryption for a non-intrusive, secure connection. It replaces a PC- or Windows-based wall processor to create a system that reduces cyber attacks and tampering threats.

2. Unparalleled Quality

High-quality video resolution supports the rapid analysis of evolving situations and real-time decision-making. Today, many video display solutions extend from desktop screens to large video walls to support better collaboration; meanwhile, multiple displays at smaller desks help operators visualize more information and improve operation. The importance of visualization for monitoring and decision-making in a control room environment has crucial implications in the choice of a system’s video quality and content distribution capabilities. SDVoE promotes the highest quality video resolutions by eliminating typical compression to reduce video quality to support zero latency. SDVoE’s technology eliminates the need for compromise. It allows the transport of high-quality images. 

The SDVoE technology also acts as a high resolution video extender, thus eliminating the need for long video cables, which come with more risk to alter high resolution. Without the need for long cables, SDVoE technology better preserves the integrity of signals between the source and the destination.

3. Streamlined Workflows

In mission-critical scenarios, the operator’s ability to quickly diagnose, react and resolve abnormal situations is critical to the overall workflow. Integrating SDVoE technology with a simple to use management software promotes streamlined workflows to increase collaboration. Operators can monitor content exactly when and where they need it. The content can be shared securely throughout the organization, from the control room to a huddle room. An easy-to-use audio and video control system can reduce stress levels, increase productivity and support faster decision-making. Utilizing a single keyboard and mouse, operators can quickly access all relevant information to make informed decisions and resolve incidents.


Control rooms are fast-paced and high-pressure environments with many technological challenges; meeting the challenges efficiently requires a higher level of technical innovation. Most importantly, Operators shouldn’t have to worry about technology. They should grab any visual content, whether a camera, an application, or a dashboard, and easily display it on any surface.

Today, VuWall is an industry-leading choice for control room professionals. Leveraging VuWall’s TRx with any SDVoE provides reliable management of AV-over-IP content for any source to any type of display or video wall. Powered by VuTrex Technology, TRx is an innovative centralized management platform for configuring and operating multiple video walls, multi-viewers, encoders, and decoders. TRx simplifies the deployment of complex AV-over-IP projects without the need for any programming.

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