ISC West 2024 RECAP

VuWall Exhibits for the first time at ISC West this year and we will definitely be back! ISC West, held annually at the Venetian Expo in Las Vegas, is the United States’ largest converged security trade event.

What did we love about ISC West?

Engaging in conversations about security needs across various sectors such as education, healthcare, entertainment, government, and more is crucial for understanding the diverse challenges and requirements present in each domain. By partnering with InfraGard and key industry-leading partners such as LG, Evans Consoles, Parker Group, and others, we were able to have comprehensive discussions centered around AV/IT solutions.


The venue provided an invaluable platform for VuWall and its partners to learn directly from our end user community. This interaction allowed us to gain insights into the specific requirements and pain points faced by customers, enabling us with the opportunity to tailor our solutions accordingly. By showcasing VuWall’s state-of-the-art AVOIP distributed node-based software and technology, VuWall could effectively address the needs of our customers and better assist them in achieving their goals. This direct engagement fosters a deeper understanding of customer needs and strengthens relationships between VuWall, our partners, and our wide array of client partners.


Check out my video for an overview of the benefits of IP technology for control room environments, recorded at ISC West 2024.

In this video, I dive into how AV-over-IP technology has simplified the deployment of complex AV ecosystems and increased operational productivity and efficiency in command and control environments by empowering users to seamlessly visualize, control, and collaborate. This ability allows operators to focus on their job and not on the technology, able to see what they need when they need to see it in order to make faster and better decisions. 

What does VuWall bring to the world of security?

Our focus is on providing easy-to-use software for security workstation operators, addressing a crucial need in the industry. The emphasis on creating a clutter-free environment where workflows remain uninterrupted by software glitches or the need for constant reprogramming is key to ensuring smooth operations.

Our TRx software platform provides a drag-and-drop functionality. It demonstrates our commitment to enhancing operator efficiency and autonomy. This approach not only streamlines operations but also contributes to a more productive and user-friendly environment for security workstation operators.

At VuWall, our goal is to improve situational awareness in command centers and GSOCs so stakeholders have the right information available to make informed decisions.  At ISC West, we demonstrated our leading video wall processing and management solutions: the PAK Video Wall Node and the TRx centralized management software, now with IP KVM functionality. Our technology eliminates the complexity of AV-over-IP video wall deployments with a scalable and interoperable approach, while bringing ease of use to operators increasing productivity and reducing response times.

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Nick Mathis

Nick Mathis, CTS-I, is the Director of Business Development for VuWall USA. A native of Edina, Minnesota, Nick graduated from Iowa State University with a degree in Aerospace Engineering and is now a seasoned professional in ProAV and AV Engineering, passionate about providing technology solutions for mission-critical applications. Some of his career highlights include designing immersive 3D simulation environments, operating a 3D simulation theater for a Fortune 500 client, and helping universities adapt to lecture streaming at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. In his spare time, Nick enjoys travelling, the great outdoors, and showing photos of his dog to anyone and everyone. 

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