Tunisian National Guard – Ministry of Interior

VuScape Powers 24/7 Control Room and Crisis Room

VuWall has proven time and time again that their solutions bring the performance and reliability that government and mission-critical control rooms demand. But most importantly, we know that we can always rely on their team to have a smooth and successful deployment and on their products for a satisfied customer.”

Nidhal Jerbi,  General Manager at MultiCom


The Tunisian National Guard serves as the defence force against external threats and as a security force against internal threats. They have an incredible obligation and responsibility to use the most advanced and reliable technology to protect their people. The Operations Director of the National Guard was tasked with deploying a new system for the management, dispatching and display of different types of data, videos and other visual information coming from many various information sources from the Ministry of Interior. This information needs to be compiled and displayed in a comprehensive and relevant manner so that control room operators and crisis room personnel can make quick and informed decisions and are able to visualize what they need when they need it.


MultiCom, a Tunisian Integrator specialized in security projects,  selected VuWall based on their longstanding history of deploying other successful video wall projects together. MultiCom installed two VuWall VuScape VS640-3 video wall controllers to drive a large 6480×3600 0.9mm LED video wall, a 4K 65’’ interactive screen, and a 65’’ touch screen. The system can be controlled from 50 operator workstations. The control room is also equipped with two 10’ ControlVu touch panels from VuWall, where operators have customized pre-sets that could be triggered by authorized users with the simple touch of a button on the touch screen. 


The VuWall solution is deployed throughout the main Control Room at the National Guard as well as the Crisis Room. It is being used by approximately 50 people at once, able to visualize what they need when they need it. VuWall has brought these operations the simplicity of dispatching different sources from different locations quickly and easily with an easy and intuitive user-interface that all operators were able to learn very quickly. VuWall’s unique offering has delivered the National Guard an unprecedented ease-of-use and operator efficiency with the unique ability to display any source type on any type of display and control/manage the visual experience from any workstation in the facility.  

About Tunisian National Guard

The Tunisian National Guard is the national gendarmerie force of the Republic of Tunisia. Created in 1957 and originally dependent on the ministry of Defence, the force was transferred to the Ministry of the Interior. Separated from the Tunisian Armed Forces, it serves both as defence force against external threats and as a security force against internal threats. It has a standing force of 15,000.

About MultiCom (Integrator)

Société Tunisienne, spécialisée dans les systèmes de sécurité électronique, MultiCom distribue des produits et conçoit des solutions destinées aux professionnels de la sécurité. S’appuyant sur son expérience en matière de vidéosurveillance, de contrôle d’accès et de systèmes anti-intrusion, MultiCom dispose d’un savoir-faire de haut niveau technologique pour offrir les solutions adaptées à vos besoins spécifiques.

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