CASE STUDY: G7 Leadership Summit 2022

Transformation of Arena into Police Command Center

From traffic accidents to spontaneous demonstrations, all incidents before and during the summit were visualized on a huge 12×4 video wall in the command room, along with a smaller 4×2 video wall. In addition, six 65-inch displays were deployed in a meeting room for joint staff. To disseminate streams of data, camera feeds, and other incoming information, the team needed a comprehensive visualization management solution with the flexibility to ingest and visualize the wide range of sources at a moment’s notice. To ensure that the force could operate nimbly and responsively as needed, integrator AVS selected VuWall, a pioneer in control room video wall solutions. 

From the sports center, the officials were able to monitor and prioritize information in real time without delay. VuWall ensured they were able to easily bring in any source for visualization. In addition, they were able to create a connection to all branch offices, such as the border posts in Griessen, Scharnitz, and Oberau, where a huge police force monitors the change of train passengers to buses or the rail replacement service in the direction of Mittenwald. Every bit of information could be tracked without spending hours to program or configure the ecosystem. After the G7 Summit, the system was installed in police stations throughout Bavaria, adding immense and ongoing visualization resources to the organization.

For security monitoring at the assembly of world leaders, VuWall’s TRx integrated VuWall encoders, video wall controllers, and AVX extenders with Barco displays. Read full article here.

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