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Discover some of VuWall’s customer success stories, their experience and how they’re using VuWall solutions in an interview with Anna Kozel, VuWall’s VP of Marketing.

Hello everyone and welcome to a podcast today brought to you by VuWall. I’ll be your host Gabrielle and I’m so thrilled to be joined right now by Anna Kozel who’s actually vice president of marketing at VuWall and today we’re going to be talking about customer feedback some success stories and just some Innovative use cases so here to Enlighten us on that subject as well as provide actionable industry insights is Anna so Anna welcome.

“Thank you so much thanks for having me.”

Of course well you know what kind of success stories have you seen emerge or the kind of stories that VuWall customers come to you about and say hey I mean I had a success here and I’d love to tell you about it.

“Yeah it’s great when they when we’re actually allowed to talk about them we do a lot of control rooms so unfortunately there’s a lot of customers that we can’t talk about but we do manage to get some great customer stories. We’ve recently had a few really interesting one there’s the Kantonpolizei in Switzerland for their call center operations . We did the G7 last year where they transformed an arena, a skating arena into their Operating Center for control room so we powered that control room. We do have a lot of other case studies on our website so, everything from you know we do cyber security centers and sent you know operation centers we did a recent one with our latest product our PAK product that was launched just at ISE last year and they were actually our first customer. It’s Khipu Networks in the UK it’s a cyber security operations center so I can go I can go on and on but we have a lot of great, great, great customer stories.”

Well it’s wonderful being able to share those success stories because I mean being able to hear firsthand from your customer base that your Solutions are working for them I mean it’s very warming so how have your customers been able to leverage the solutions from VuWall in order to achieve the success that we’re talking about here.

“So one of the things that we do primarily we pride ourselves is the increase in productivity so that’s really the idea especially in security operations centers, cyber security centers a lot of the police operation call centers and emergency response it’s very important to be able to respond quickly reduce the time to response right and to be able to assess situations quickly so what we do is we we try to provide them the tools that they need that are really responsive where they can do what they need to do as fast as possible and that’s often times being able to visualize and see the information that they need quickly um whether they’re using our you know drag and drop interface or the control panels to be able to change their views and really be able to see what they need when they need to see it and respond quickly and in the end that really results in an improvement in productivity and Improvement in operations in the center.

As for the Integrators that put these control rooms together what we try to do to improve their productivity is our Solutions are really easy to install and to configure with drag and drop interface again which is huge it doesn’t require any programming to be able to set up your control room all of your sources all of your displays as quickly and easily as possible and so that has an impact on the ROI of the integrators so we really when we design our product think about both the integrator and the end user and how it can improve their operations.”

And that always makes for a successful product when you keep up those ends in mind well what kind of feedback have you feel like you’ve been receiving from customers about VuWall solutions that they’re using what kind of feedback are you getting?

“Primarily I would say the ease of use that’s that’s really where we stand out they’re always you know everybody says it’s easy to use our products are easy to use but at the end of the day um our customers are very impressed with that how they’re able to just drag the sources they want to see on any display that they want quickly resize them it’s almost as easy as you know using a PowerPoint it’s really that easy um move them around how they wish and be able to create control panels from the software just as easily where with a touch of a button they can change what they’re looking at and and that’s really the the main feedback that we get is the ease of use for both the configuration and the use of the of the product.”

Well that’s I mean that’s great feedback to get because I mean quality Solutions are very important but also the setup and being able to operate them is just just as important if not more so what have you seen or kind of experienced the more Innovative use cases that you’ve seen as far as you view all solutions go where you think wow that’s really creative

“So you know there’s been actually despite the fact that we’re very focused in control room some of the more Innovative cases have been in recent months where we’re seeing a lot more in education and corporate AV where organizations really need to see content throughout the organization whether it’s you know Lobby signage or an auditorium somewhere and they want to be able to distribute and share that content throughout and they’ve been using different type of Technology.

It’s you know AV over IP I don’t know if you’ve heard of SDVoE technology so it’s on 10 gigabyte networks and they’ve been getting creative with the way that they distribute content throughout and trying to find a centralized platform to manage all of that content oftentimes different departments will use their own AV Solutions or different faculties within a higher ed facility will own will use their own Solutions if it’s for you know the research labs and the security operations or whatever it is so it’s been interesting to see that they’re gearing towards leveraging their networks and and using the same system throughout the entire facility throughout all departments.”

It’s so very fascinating to hear that well you know that wraps up the conversation for today so thank you Anna for joining us on today’s podcast to talk about customer feedback and solutions that have been happening in the market so thank you it’s a pleasure to have you on the podcast

“Thank you, it’s been a pleasure absolutely.”

And as always if you’d like to learn more please visit and look for this podcast wherever it is you get your podcast at I’ve been your host Gabrielle thanks for tuning in.

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Anna Kozel

Anna is the Vice President of Marketing at VuWall. She drives all marketing initiatives at VuWall globally, with her amazing team! This includes the website, trade shows, social media, branding, campaigns, case studies, PR, partnerships, you name it! She's focused on building the brand and helping VuWall partners succeed in their video wall projects. Anna speaks 4 languages and in her spare time, she loves to snowboard, paddle board, and practice yoga with her two amazing daughters.

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