Canadian Space Agency

The Canadian Space Agency Selects VuWall for Control Room Operations

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VuWall VuScape Controller Manages and Shares Incoming Satellite Data to Control Room and Boardroom Video Walls

MONTREAL VuWall, leader in video wall control and AV network management, today announced that the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) successfully deployed VuWall’s VuScape processor to monitor the launch of the satellites and their trajectory for the RADARSAT Constellation Mission (RCM). Installed by Applied Electronics, VuScape video wall controller shares and manages incoming content to the control rooms’ video walls.

“The RCM will collect information from multiple satellites that is critical to maritime management, disaster management, and ecosystem monitoring in Canada,” said Paul Vander Plaetse, CEO at VuWall. “From a single VuScape processor, the CSA can manage multiple surfaces and streams of information, cutting down on the amount of cabling. This is an excellent example of how our affordable visualization solutions can be scaled and tailored to meet the needs of any organization — from the smallest to the largest and most mission-critical deployments — while adding capabilities that further the value of the system.”

For the project, VuWall’s VuScape processor shares the incoming information on the video wall in both mission control rooms and meeting rooms. Control room operators can easily configure and update the layouts as needed on each of the video walls, providing them with at-a-glance information that’s vital for performing maintenance and control operations on the satellites that they are mandated to monitor. With a single VuScape processor driving multiple video walls in multiple rooms, the CSA is able to manage the access and control of each individual surface with user profile management, limiting access to view and/or manage video wall content only to authorized personnel.

CSA Headquarters

CSA Headquarters at the John H. Chapman Space Centre in Longueuil, Quebec

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VuWall, a global technology leader in video wall control systems and unified visualization solutions, develops solutions to easily manage visual information on video walls and displays throughout facilities. They have pioneered a new and disruptive approach to video wall and KVM management in AV-over-IP environments, bridging AV, IT and IP systems to seamlessly manage and control visual content. VuWall delivers a state-of-the-art ecosystem of video wall processors, encoders, and decoders — all managed by their unique and interoperable TRx Centralized Management Platform, eliminating the complexity of traditional video wall control and signal distribution over IP, with easy drag-and drop operations and without any programming. VuWall is recognized for its innovative solutions that increase productivity and enhance visualization experiences in control rooms and corporate workspaces. Their TRx software sets a new industry benchmark in ease of use and deployment for the most effective distribution of any source to any type of display in professional and mission-critical applications. VuWall’s award-winning solutions power more than 5,000 video walls in some of the world’s most prestigious Fortune 500 companies in more than 45 countries. VuWall is headquartered in Montreal, Canada with a European Headquarter in Reutlingen, Germany and a US-based office in Atlanta, Georgia.

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