Video Walls for Security

Seamlessly interact with real-time information in the right place at the right time

Reliable video wall displays and content management are essential in providing operators with the visual information they need to monitor, assess and respond accordingly. Whether it’s homeland security, airport security, computer and data security, or other essential applications, video wall technology enables stakeholders to make informed decisions from gathering important information on a single display surface, coming from multiple sources such as cameras, maps, operators computers or dashboards. TRx’s unique centralized platform facilitates seamless collaboration between operators, supervisors and decision makers.

Situational Awareness

Operators can easily gather critical information on their desktop and seamlessly display the content on any video wall or video display in a crisis room, war room or mission critical environment throughout their facility. Operators can easily select a region of interest on their desktop or on the video wall and share it with the various rooms or any other stakeholder in the organization.


Operators can visualize content from any type of device and an unlimited number of devices. Our TRx software can seamlessly route any AV or IP feed from cameras, web apps, encoders, media players and other devices. With customizable control panels, automated triggers, emergency messaging and many other integrated features, our solutions allow operators to remain focused on their mission.

24/7 Reliability

Deployed within mission-critical environments worldwide, our systems are designed for time-sensitive operations for 24/7 reliability featuring complete redundancy. Requiring less hardware than traditional configurations, our solution requires fewer connections yielding to less risk of technical failure.

User-Friendly Control

Our easy-to-use interface allows operators to quickly and easily control and manage content during the time-critical situations. Operators can easily arrange content on the video walls in real-time or integrate pre-arranged layouts. A simple touch interface empowers immediate control of the system.


The VuWall ecosystem of products boasts state-of-the-art security to ensure complete data protection and communication encryption. Our technology is made secure by design. Each product developed by VuWall undergoes rigorous testing, including threat modeling, security baseline requirements, vulnerability management and penetration testing, to ensure security is cutting-edge.

Exceptional Support

Our team of qualified video wall experts, located worldwide, are always available to help. In addition to our own technical support team, we have over 50 VuWall Certified Partners in 20 countries, giving you global access to technical support.

Use Cases

Security Monitoring

Collecting and analysing indicators of potential security threats and then triaging and responding with appropriate action.


Protecting systems, networks, programs, devices and data from cyber attacks.

Security Operations Center

Monitor & improve organization's security while preventing, detecting, analyzing, and responding to security incidents.

Emergency Operations Center

Central command and control facility responsible for emergency or disaster management.

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