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Duration: 2 Hours
CTS RU Credits: 1


Course Description

Upon completion of this course, graduates will be able to present VuWall’s line of solutions to potential end users and confidently design video wall and IP KVM projects. The course is a training program tailored for individuals new to VuWall or with limited experience in designing video wall and IP KVM systems.  

Participants will gain in-depth knowledge of VuWall’s product portfolio, understanding the different solutions available and their key features. Topics covered include effectively converting customer requirements into practical design specifications and selecting the appropriate VuWall products. By the end of this course, participants will have a strong grasp of the core concepts for building video wall and IP KVM management systems, enabling them to address customer requirements and advance their design expertise. This course includes a short quiz and team exercises. 

Course Objectives

1. Learn about VuWall solutions, their differentiators, benefits, and use cases.

2. Understand when to specify the various VuWall products in a design, both hardware and software, to address customers' requirements.

3. Learn how to design video wall and IP KVM projects with VuWall solutions.

VuWall Instructors (Americas)

Nick Mathis

Director of Business Development, USA

David Bromberg

Director of Business Development, USA

Francisco Provencio

Francisco Provencio

Senior Application

Ray Lacey

Regional Sales Manager, USA

Steven Rawlings

Application Engineer

Diego Gudino

Senior Application Engineer

VuWall Instructors (EMEA)

David Schlüter

Application Engineer

Jan Reigert

Jan Riegert

Application Engineer

Jorge Biatturi

Sales Director, LATAM

Fabian Scheidnass

Fabian Scheidnass

Product Specialist / IT Administrator

Óscar Mezquita

Senior International Sales Manager

Martin Paffrath

Senior Sales Manager

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Level I: VuWall Designer

 Graduates will be able to present VuWall’s entire line of solutions to potential end users and assist in designing a video wall and AV distribution projects with VuWall’s PAK & VuScape video wall processors, VuStream encoders/decoders, the TRx management software, and other enhancements such as control panels, extenders, VMS integration, and more. 

Level II: VuWall Field Specialist

Graduates will be able to autonomously install, configure and operate VuWall products. This course begins with best practices for network considerations when designing and installing VuWalls solutions. The course continues with a deep dive into the planning, configuration, and operation of TRx with VuScape, VuStream and other endpoints, as well as an introduction to scripting, API, and user management. The course concludes with the basics of system updates and troubleshooting.

Level III: VuWall Service Specialist

Graduates will be able to autonomously repair and upgrade products on-site. This course completes the certification training enabling graduates to feel confident in being the end user’s first line of support for the PAK video wall nodes, VuScape video wall controllers, and TRx management software. It includes a deep dive into the software installation, card replacement, add-ons, and software activation as well as an entire module on troubleshooting, backup & redundancy.

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