Certification Training - Level 2 & 3

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Duration: 2 days (16 hours)
CTS RU Credits: 8

Course Description

Upon completion of this course, graduates will be able to deploy and troubleshoot VuWall’s video wall processors and TRx centralized management platform, autonomously. They will feel comfortable providing remote and on-site technical support to end users. This 2-day course is broken down into several modules including: networking considerations; planning, configuring and operating PAK video wall & KVM nodes, VuStream encoders & decoders, and the TRx platform; handling updates, maintenance, servicing and troubleshooting. Every course module includes a short quiz or hands-on exercises depending on the content.

This course will include a series of quizzes that will require an 80% passing grade. Following a passing grade, trainees will receive a Certificate from VuWall that shall be submitted by the trainee to AVIXA in order to receive their CTS RU credits.

Level 2 & 3 Certification

Field & Service Specialist

Level: Intermediate/Advanced
Designed for: Field Technicians and Service Technicians
Prerequisites: VuWall Level I Training

Course Objectives

1. Install, plan, configure, operate, and upgrade VuWall products.

2. Understand networking considerations and requirements and perform level 2 troubleshooting.

3. Manage backups and redundancy of the TRx Centralized Management Platform as well as handle updates and troubleshooting.

Qualified VuWall Instructors

Francisco Provencio

Francisco Provencio

Senior Sales Engineer

Chris Benner

Sales Engineer

Jan Reigert

Jan Riegert

Application Engineer

Habib Jrida

Application Engineer

David Schlüter

Application Engineer

Diego Gudino

Sr. Application Engineer

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