The Challenge

The purpose of a media command center is to be able to react with agility to signals brought by social media, but also by more traditional media such as online news or TV channels. For an effective social media command center, the best analytical tools need to come with the appropriate visualization and collaboration technology. Social media analysts who use data mining applications need to be able to easily share the information from their desktop to the video wall; supervisors need to be able to quickly display the relevant pieces of information from different sources (analysts desks, social media feeds, web pages, and sometimes TV channels or cameras) in a way that decision makers can easily understand and react accordingly.


VuWall brings together all video sources and displays them as required – be it on the main video wall or on satellite monitors or projectors. VuWall also works to bring together your current tools like Hoylu, RealTimeBoard, ClickShare, and others! It is very easy to create scenarios to display the relevant content when and where it is needed or to manipulate it through simple drag and drop operations.


The power and flexibility of VuWall means that display scenarios can include a mix of web pages, social media feeds, desktops from remote or local computer and video streams from TV channels or cameras.

These display scenarios are very easy to create and to recall. The modularity of VuWall products offers an easy path for scalability which is key for system deployments in the fast-changing world of social media!