The Challenge

In a transport hub, monitors are typically used for important travel information, advertising and security messaging. Some of the monitors are dedicated to single usage (flight/train/bus information), but others can have dual usage depending on the time of the day (boarding, check-in, advertising…) This requires a video distribution system that can be simply and easily expanded as the number of displays increases or when their configuration changes (a display may be replaced by a video wall for example).


The content is generated by media players, TV tuners or a PC. Every source of content is encoded through a VuWall VWT-100 encoder.  A VWR-100 decoder is connected as an input to each monitor in the terminal. Encoders and decoders are connected to each other through an IP network.

VuWall’s TRx configuration and control software allows users to easily send the content of one source (encoder) to a monitor (through the decoder) or to any combination of monitors simultaneously. Presets of content distribution between encoders and decoders can easily be saved and recalled at any time and groups of decoders can be put together to drag and drop a single source to multiple displays instantly.


The TRx software offers a very intuitive interface so that its users can very quickly learn how to manage the content between encoders and decoders. It is also compatible with other devices, so this system can be deployed on a site where other brands of encoders and decoders are already installed (for the compatibility list, please contact us at

On the configuration side, TRx offers very easy to use configuration tools that save significant amounts of time during the deployment, it includes the ability to import and export the list of devices with their names, IP addresses, MAC addresses, meaning the on-site IT department can pre-configure IP ranges for the devices you’re installing without you having to configure each one individually.  This is also very helpful for maintenance when a device has to be replaced by a new one.