The Challenge

A corporation seeks to adopt advanced, yet simple visualization technology for its boardroom meetings. The ability to display multiple computers is appealing because it facilitates collaboration between colleagues. In addition, video conferencing functionality is directly incorporated on the video wall. Minimum disruption to any meeting is required.


Central to deployment is a video wall powered by the CoScape controller, which enables the contents of laptop and mobile devices to be shared wirelessly or through HDMI. Participants who wish to share the content of their laptop to the video wall just have to insert the CoScape USB key into their laptop and see their screen appear in an independent window on the video wall.  No software to install, and no admin privileges necessary.

CoScape keys can be made with standard USB drives, in either a Moderator or Guest mode. Moderators can modify the different windows and participants on the video wall, whereas guests can only be shown and not control the meeting. The meeting can be run from any Moderator key, or from a touch panel in the room.


The main advantage of CoScape is that it is fully automatic. The application is available only when the participants want a specific arrangement of the windows or when they want to close or reopen specific windows. For basic use, CoScape arranges the windows automatically, in accordance with their resolution and the space available on the video wall. 

In addition to automatic configuration, users can create bespoke configurations like creating presets involving the launch of a video conference These can easily be set-up by the AV integrator or the system administrator through the CoScape scripting tool and the control panel designer that allow to easily create custom control panels for mobile devices. No programming skills are required to design new scripts or control panels.