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Learn how to simplify and automate your workflows through a real customer project and a live demo.

1. What is VuTrex and what's new with TRx 3.0

2. Everything you can do WITHOUT any programming including:

  •   Distribute AV-over-IP content using multiple streaming standards 
  •   Manage visual information from any source format to any display type.
  •   Create custom control panels
  •   Automate monitoring workflows with triggers, sensors and color detection
  •   Interface with third-party products

Todd Alan Green

Senior BD Manager

Paul Vander Plaetse

Found & CEO

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During this webinar, you will learn:

Anna Kozel

Director of Marketing

Advanced Video Wall Management and AV-over-IP Distribution on a Single Platform

Discover how a single management platform easily integrates advanced video wall control and AV-over-IP distribution, utilizing multiple streaming standards and devices.

Introducing TRx 3.0

Control what you see.

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