VuWall2 Basic

Software Features

The entry level version of VuWall2 allows you to instantly take greater control over your video wall. See what you’ve been missing and experience the VuWall difference.

‣ Auto-detect hardware inputs (Matrox + Datapath).
‣ Create and save layouts.
‣ Manage sub-regions for usability and scalability.
‣ Control local Windows applications.
‣ Control from any HTML5 enabled browser.

VuWall2 Standard

Software Features

Our most popular version of VuWall2 extends the configuration options to allow for greater control of the video wall to suit your needs.

‣ Script editor for infinite customization and integration with third-party devices.
‣ Schedule layouts and scripts to run on certain days / times.
‣ Seamless integration for displaying borderless web pages.
‣ Scrolling Text allows you to get your message across, or draw attention to alerts.
‣ Customize function keys as Quick Launchers for scripts and layouts.
‣ Design your own control panels for use on mobile devices (iOS/Android/Windows)

VuWall2 Pro

Software Features

The enterprise-ready version of VuWall2 includes features to help you manage installations of any size and user permissions with the highest level of granularity.

‣ All the features of VuWall2 Standard, along with the features below.
‣ Users Management and Active Directory support to restrict any aspect of your video wall.
‣ Audit Logs allow you to know who is doing what, when, and where on the video wall.
‣ Integrated support for Crestron Matrix Switchers takes the guess work out of switching.
‣ Multi-surface control: Manage multiple video wall from a single controller.

VuWall2 Digital Signage

Software Features

Our version of VuWall2 created for applications that need to impress, depend on VuWall2’s Transition Editor to make your audience stop and take a second look.

‣ Timeline Editor allows you to interactively define your transitions.
‣ Use familiar tools to fade in/out, move, and rotate content.
‣ Create multi-window transitions quickly by copying windows and their keyframes.
‣ Schedule layouts and transitions at key hours throughout the day.
‣ Launch transitions from mobile devices. (iOS/Android/Windows)

VuWall TRx

Software Features

VuWall TRx is a software platform for AV integrators and operators alike who need to deploy and manage small to large-scale AV networks of encoder and decoder boxes.

‣ Automatic detection of networked devices
‣ Import & export device configuration for easy interoperation with on-site IT teams
‣ Drag & drop grouping by floors & zones for easy multi-room configuration
‣ High system availability through multi-node redundancy
‣ Easy configuration of presets through drag and drop
‣ Advanced filter groups for easy organization of encoder and decoder devices


VuScape M-Series

VuScape M-Series Video Wall Controller - VuWall Technology

Hardware Specifications

The ideal controller for large video walls of up to 56 monitors that require support for video transitions and a high density of inputs & outputs.

Form factor: 4U chassis
Outputs: 56 max.
Power supply: Redundant (Optional on VS120)
Hardware capture: Matrox
Multi-format inputs: 56 max. (HDMI, DVI, Component, Composite,VGA)
Analog video inputs: 192 max.
HD-SDI Inputs: 24 max.

VuScape D-Series

VuScape D-Series Video Wall Controller - VuWall Technology

Hardware Specifications

The ideal controller for very large video walls of up to 64 monitors that require support for 4K displays and multi-resolution outputs.

Form factor: 4U chassis
Outputs: 64 max.
Power supply: Redundant (Optional on VS120)
Hardware capture: Datapath
Multi-format inputs: 64 max. (HDMI, DVI, Component, Composite,VGA)
Analog video inputs: 128 max.
HD-SDI Inputs: 20 max.


VSIP-4K Video Encoder and Decoder - VuWall Technology

Hardware Specifications

This encoder/decoder provides the possibility to distribute uncompressed 4K video and audio over off-the-shelf IP-Switches with no latency.

Video Input & Output: 1 × HDMI IN / HDMI 1.4
Digital Audio HDMI multi-channel digital audio with LPCM, Dolby Digital/Plus/EX, Dolby True HD, DTS, DTS-96/24, DTS-EX DSD, DTS High Res, DTS-HD Master
Analog 2-channels, 24-bits @ 48 KHz
Control method IR, RS232 , VuWall TRX Software
Power Supply DC 12 V 2 A
Operating Condition Temperature 0°C ~ +35°C (+32°F ~ +95°F) - Humidity 10% to 90%, noncondensing

Supported Graphics Cards

VuWall Supported Hardware Manufacturer Logos

Manufacturers & Graphics Cards

VuScape controllers and the VuWall2 software provides support for many hardware manufacturers.

Matrox C-Series
Mura 4/4, 4/2, 4/0
Datapath DVI-DL
Vision (AV, HD4, RGB, SC, SDI, SD8)
nVidia GeForce
AMD FirePro
Intel HD Graphics