Duration: 2 days (16 hours)
CTS RU Credits: 8 RU


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Course Objectives

1. Become the end user’s first line of support for VuWall systems.
2. Handle setup, installation, configuration, updates and troubleshooting for VuScape controllers and TRx software.
3. Add and replace VuScape cards

4. Plan and configure multi-surface setups.

Qualified VuWall Instructors

Course Description 

Level: Intermediate/Advanced
Designed for: Field Technicians and Service Technicians
Prerequisites: Level 1 Certification - VuWall Designer

This course enables graduates to provide on-site technical support and fully service VuWall’s PAK video wall nodes, VuScape Series of video wall controllers, VuStream encoders/decoders, and the TRx centralized management software platform.

This 2 day course includes networking considerations, planning and configuration with VuWall2 and TRx, in-depth training on operations, user management, and an introduction to scripting and API. Users will get a deep dive into installing VuScape controllers, card replacement, add-ons and software activation. The course also includes a module on troubleshooting, back ups and redundancy.

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Course Evaluation & Scoring

Upon completion of the course, students must complete a written and practical exam requiring an 80% passing grade that will be evaluated by the instructor. If time permits, a certificate will be handed to each student in person. Otherwise, it will be mailed to them in the coming days. A "VuWall Field & Service Specialist"  certificate will entitle students to claim 8 CTS  renewal credits (RU) with AVIXA and use the VuWall Certification accreditation in their signature.  

Certification Training - Level 2 & 3

VuWall Field & Service Specialist

Frederic Trachy
Product Specialist

Martin St-Jean
Application Engineer

Jan Riegert
Application Engineer

Francisco Provencio
Application Engineer, USA

Mark Schmidt
Chief Technology Officer

Level 2 and 3 Certification - VuWall Field & Service Specialist

Jean-Sébastien Desbiens
Application Engineer

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